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summer shoes wishlist

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1. bensimon classic lace up flats 2. vans strawberry sneaker 3. glitter peep toe flats 4. 3.1 phillip lim sidibe sandal


pins of the week

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pinterest round up – style file

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summer looks i’m coveting

interiors – desk edition

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onetwo, three, four, five

1. I am obsessed with finding the right make-up table after reading this post. It would be the perfect way for me to keep the opposite side of my room together.  I have my make-up and hair tools in various parts of my room, and I usually work on my bed.  Her desk is the kind of fix I’ve been looking for.

2. How sweet are the things she hangs above her workspace? A line like that would be an easy way to rotate found inspiration without making a mess.

3. I love how warm and inviting that desk space is while still keeping the fresh effect of an all white design. Unknown source, I found the picture on pinterest.

4. Another mystery mini-desk space of dreams.

5. I love the shelf on the right.  I have a mess of art supplies that would look great in similar storage.

My favorite thing about found pictures of workspaces online are the mood boards people create in front of their desks.  Currently, mine is most like the one in the last picture, I plastered little images up above my desk, mostly magazine cut outs or little found postcards.  Someday I’d like to get some pictures framed to hang up on the wall in front of my desk, but I get sick of staring at the same image very quickly.  The mirror in the first pic is something I definitely want to emulate next paycheck.

Wildfox Sunglasses!

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Kim Gordon from Wildfox is the queen of the dreamgirls. I am obsessed with her blog and her tumblr.  The inspiration I find there is comforting and magical. I can’t wait until these go up for sale.