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its hot as hell

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it feels like a murky bath from hell outside. makes you feel a little craz-ay.


ben rayner

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his site

Beth Hoeckel Photography

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Today I feel like The Jealous Curator on the internet. Except for the fact, I’m probably at the point where this lurking voyeurism has gone too far and I don’t feel inspired I just feel like shit.  I’m dying to get out of the house and up my photography game.  Not only is Beth Hoeckel great at collage – look how cool her photographs are.

What do you guys do when you’re feeling lazy and down on yourself / the internet isn’t helping? Maybe I just need some coffee…

Carolina Thaler by Niclas Heikkinen

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via how gorgeous are these? the light looks amazing against the metallic details of the clothes.

pictures of mine

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halsman – a retrospective

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another russia

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get the book

if only for awhile

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Homestead Resort & Spa in Utah

Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland

Cherry Blossom Tour in Japan

Long Qing Xia Canyon in China

Arches National Park in Utah

All images found at my new favorite place –  the fancy.  I was so happy to finally access one of my favorite “pin” websites at work.  Pinterest, Tumblr, Svpply, and most blogs don’t work on the internet stone age version of internet explorer I’m stuck with here.  Aren’t these pictures beautiful?  The fancy has deals on hotel rates in some of these destinations…I don’t usually entertain the idea of traveling very far from home but that is definitely starting to change.

Summer 2012 Wishlist

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Here are some of the ideas I’ve been brainstorming for this summer:
Outdoor movies or a picnic in a movie theater, playing in sprinklers, baking, playing with sparkles, fishing, floating down a lazy river, going to a water park, disney world!, bike rides, setting up a porch hammock, body surfing at the beach, going to asheville, using my underwater camera

I’ve never been to Disney World and if these were arranged in order of my desire to do them that would definitely be number 1.  I am planning on staying close to home this summer so I can save some money and go to school.  What little things or trips are you looking forward to this summer? I’m sure I’ll be updating (and hopefully crossing off!) some items on this list in a few weeks.