Tara Stiles

In Cute, Wellness on 06/22/2012 at 8:59 pm

I just remembered what makes me feel better when I’m in the slumps. Yoga. Yoga was my BFF until an unfortunate eye-opening experience at the Yogaville Ashram. I have had a hard time finding a yoga instructor I can trust ever since. You know who never lets me down and helps keep the creepy pseudo-Hinduism out of my practice? The most wonderful yoga-lady ever. Tara fucking Stiles.

An ex-ballerina turned model she runs the studio Strala in NYC. I wish I could take class there. However, her free podcasts have served me well for the past two years. I’m glad to see her gaining more and more recognition. Here are some of my favorites.

These are all pretty gentle, but damn sometimes when I try out a new one when I would have better luck levitating than pulling off those moves. Check out her youtube Channel here.

I’d love to see more local Yoga Teachers follow her lead and focus on scientifically proven yoga benefits and leave the spiritual side to the individual to discover.

her website

  1. Agreed, it would be nice to leave the spiritual aspect to one side. One reason I think Tai Chi is quite accessible is the emphasis on movement which calms rather than focusing on any “mind-body-spirit”.

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